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The following picture shows congressional districts in Johnston County.  You can also click HERE (this link is currently down because the legislature just redrew ALL the legislative maps and have clearly not created these yet) to link to some pretty cool interactive maps that let you zoom in to your exact area of the county or HERE to simply type your name in to get a list of Districts in which you reside.  I live in – and am running for – District 26.  




Unaffiliated candidates have to get signatures from 4% of their voter base (those IN District 26) in order to be awarded placement on the general election ballot in November.  I had until March 3, 2020 to get over 3,000 signatures.  It’s was a HUGE number, expecially in a political climate as toxic as the one we currently live in.  I thought 3,000 signatures would be EASY.  I was wrong on so many levels.  If it wasn’t for my mom and about 200 people chipping in to help, I would not be on the ballot.  I turned in my last signatures with four days to spare.



So How Can You Volunteer Now?


There will be two main areas where I need help in the coming months.  The first is helping with signs, both in putting them out in the district starting September 14 and prior to that if you’re interested in helping me deliver signs to people who have offered to keep one in their yard.  The second area where I will need help will be in working the early voting polls starting October 15 until October 31.  So if you’re interested in helping me do either of those things, please let me know.  In the meantime, if you have any ideas for pretty much anything, even if you simply have an opinion about my refusal to dye my hair or why I should stop eating cookie dough, use the form below or email me at:




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