My Three Big Reasons for Running

If you’re interested in seeing my entire platform – even those issues I’m not as passionate about – you can find it HERE or in the drop down menu above.  The three reasons below, however, are THE reasons I’m running for office.

To Give Voice to the Middle

My political vision often makes me feel like an outsider, but I actually really like that feeling.  And the great part of that feeling is that I don’t think I’m alone.

Unaffiliated voters make up 32% of the population in North Carolina.  By comparison, Democrats account for 37% and Republicans stand at 30%.  This means that the second largest “party” in North Carolina has ZERO representatives in Raleigh.  In the House OR the Senate.

If you’ve been paying much attention the past few years, you have probably noticed that the loudest political voices are the most extreme political voices.  Either that or the loudest voices are the most deceptive, baffling, closed-minded, or just plain socially tone deaf.  Meanwhile, the middle is left looking around wondering what in the hell is going on around them and feeling almost completely helpless to speak up.  And when we do, who is actually listening?

The middle needs a voice.  Compromise needs a voice.  Negotiation needs a voice.  Sacrifice needs a voice.  Decency needs a voice.  Honesty needs a voice.  Truth needs a voice.  I want to be the voice that carries all of those qualities in every word I speak.  That’s why I’m running.  And that’s why you should vote for me.


To Help Save Public Education

Too  Much TrafficA teacher running for office is going to be required to rant and rave about teacher pay, but I’m not really a ranter or a raver.  The problem with not discussing it at all is that I would be seen as disingenuous, and that assertion would be correct since it most definitely needs to be addressed.  I can’t win that battle. 

What I CAN do is approach the subject from a fair, rational, common sense perspective, and I think that’s what you’ll find if you take a moment to read my views  “On Teacher Pay.”

But ultimately, my goal in saving public education is to approach everything we do from the perspective of doing what is right for the children of North Carolina.  In doing so, we are honoring both the North Carolina Constitution and the promising future of our children.

Everything worth building has a rock solid foundation, and we are robbing our kindergarten through fifth graders of that foundation because we are too busy bickering about teacher pay and charters and vouchers for religious schools and rallies and making everything about education a partisan battle. 

But our children are bipartisan.  Heck, they’re anti-partisan.  And because we as a state forgot about why we’re in the education business, we’re not only stealing our children’s education, we’re making GREAT teachers feel like they are being so devalued that they’re walking away from the profession.  Make K-5 GREAT, with GREAT teachers, and then let’s build the rest around it.  That is doing what’s right for children.

If the foundation is rock solid, each and every child can build a life of of strength and opportunity and resiliency and confidence and hope.  We forgot we’re doing this for the children.


Because You Only Die Once

JaneSure, it would have been more uplifting to write “You only LIVE once” as the title for this section, but in truth, every time I’ve ever taken a chance in life, even when I’ve failed, it’s always made me feel alive.  It made me feel new or remade or resurrected.  Like I got to live anew. 

I plan on dying only once, but if taking chances makes me feel reborn, I want to live a lot more than once.

Politically, it would have made more sense for me to put something as my third “Big Reason for Running” like immigration or term limits or campaign finance reform or whatever, but that would be a lie.  The third most important reason that I’m running for office is that I want to take a chance on something big and meaningful and transformative.  I went into teaching to do something important with my life, and now I believe education needs me to do something even more important. 

I also truly believe that I need to speak out against indecency and intolerance and dishonesty and political thuggery and greed and propaganda and reckless partisanship and lawlessness and animosity and a complete disregard for fiscal responsibility.  These things are bigger than failure, so yeah, I’m taking a chance, but I’m taking the correct chance.

And it makes me feel alive.  Again.