Nobody enjoys asking for money, but as a normal guy who’s never held public office, campaign fundraising is not something I can rail against.  The amount that is spent on campaigns in this country is becoming  rather absurd.  But you can’t even compete unless you spend gobs of money.  And I want to compete.  Therefore, I need your help.  Give what you can, even if it’s little.  I’m a teacher.  I appreciate small donations as much as I do large ones.  I sincerely thank you for anything you can give.  

There is a Paypal link below, and with full disclosure, they will take $0.30 + 2.9% of your donation.  If you’d rather not pay them that fee (which is actually VERY reasonable across the industry as most are about 5%,) but you still want to donate, the mailing address for checks is below.  And if you want me to work for your donation and come pick it up from your house and mow the grass while I’m there, I’ll do that, too.  I sincerely thank you for anything you can give and I promise to spend it honestly, prudently, and economically.


Denton Lee for NC House

128 Killarney Lane

Clayton, NC  27520



If you donate more than $25 to my campaign, please also take the time to fill in the short form below.  It’s a required campaign finance law.  If you don’t do it now, I’ll have to hunt you down to find the information, and I don’t enjoy stalking people.  Thanks!!

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