25 Random “Get to Know You” Facts About Denton Lee


  1. Prior to being a high school math teacher, I was a high school exceptional children’s teacher, all at the same Title 1 high school.  Both are equally challenging.


  2. I have ONE wife, TWO dogs, THREE kids, and I am madly in love with FOUR of those things. (Hint: it’s the people.)


  3. I eat hot pizza with a knife and fork.  I don’t care if that offends you.


  4. I love corny jokes, dad jokes, inappropriate jokes, clean jokes, stupid jokes, riddles, brainteasers, magic tricks, anytime a redneck says, “Watch this,” and pretty much anything that amuses my mind in short bursts.  


  5. I’m a bit of an old school parent.  I demand respect, I demand kindness to everybody, I demand that good food is eaten before bad, and I think it’s necessary for children to be just a little bit scared of their parents.  If my kids don’t fear me a little now, I’ll be the one scared to death of who they become when they leave me.   


  6. Most things are better wrapped in a Crescent roll.


  7. I have been sober since May 28, 2017 after two decades of alcoholism.  My wife loved me enough to leave me and took me back in time to cushion my rock bottom.  My daughter helped her pick me up. I owe them my life.


  8. I do not like Christmas.  It’s the gifts I don’t like, not the reason for it.  I’m both a terrible gift-giver and a terrible gift-receiver.  People who have all their needs met don’t need gifts.


  9. Sweet tea is the nectar of the gods.


  10. The age difference between my first and second child is over 11 years because I was widowed at 30 and a single daddy for 6 years.


  11. I despise exercise, but I really like being thin while being able to eat whatever I want.  I fear my desires will not win this one.  The mirror says I’m already losing.


  12. In my class, I give zeros when work is not attempted, whether that work is classwork, a quiz, a project, or a test.  I will never subscribe to the idea that it is better to give students a 50 for work not attempted. Because a paycheck will never be halfway earned or received when zero work has been completed.  That’s life. I’d rather they learn that in my class than in the real world.


  13. I cook, I clean, I do yard work, I give foot massages.  I’m one of the most domesticated men on Earth. I admit that I do complain about the foot massages, though.  And the cleaning.  Again, I’m just a man.


  14. Occasionally I will suffer depression.  It sucks. But it’s a whole lot better sober.


  15. I despise participation trophies.


  16. My idea of deer hunting is sitting in a deer stand with a camera.  But I will forever defend your right to sit there with a gun.


  17. I will embarrass the hell out of a bully in my class and stand ready to defend my actions if a parent complains that I hurt their poor little baby’s feelings.  But I’ll turn on a dime and be their baby’s biggest fan if they want to be better than that.


  18. I have an odd love affair with symmetry.  In almost everything. Even if the remaining eggs in an egg carton are not left symmetrical, it bothers me.  Sometimes I will eat an extra egg to maintain the symmetry.


  19. I believe in twentieth chances as much as I believe in second chances.  As long as the person hasn’t given up on themselves, it’s not my place to do that for them.  I’ll cheer them until the end. I might get burned enough that I quit helping, but I’ll cheer them until the end.


  20. I write a blog about life after addiction (and other assorted randomness.)  It’s as honest as anything you’ll ever read.  You can find it here.


  21. Somebody recently told me I have the cleanest garage they’ve ever seen.  I think I may have glowed.


  22. I believe freedom is the most important perk of being an American.  We are free to do lots of normal stuff, but we’re also free to do weird stuff like wear seven hats to the store and eat our own boogers and worship the invisible leprechauns inside hydrangea bushes and smile in the face of hatred.  I love this country. I want to make it better, though. I want people to truly enjoy and be inspired by their freedom, as well as embrace, rather than fear or shirk, the personal responsibility that flows from that freedom.


  23. I love my kids, but parenting babies is one of the worst experiences of my life.  After the first year, they’re fine, but I hate the first year.


  24. After two decades of addiction, I’m finally starting to like myself.  But I welcome you to try to tear me down. It’ll make me one mentally strong son of a bitch.  Oh, and be prepared for relentless sarcasm in return. At least I know who I am, right?


  25. For a guy with a past full of addiction and depression, enjoying life is hard.  But one day I’m going to get it right, and I’m going to light this life up. It’s pretty cool to still have hope after all I put myself through.