If you’re looking me up as you stand at the polls with your ballot, you can read this entire website to see if you like me, or you can watch this video.  It sums up exactly why we need unaffiliated people in ALL levels of government.  And since I’m the only one in the entire state running unaffiliated, help me start this much needed trend.  Because our two major parties are doing a terrible job of representing the majority of citizens.  It’s time someone represented everybody. 



This Is Actually Pretty Simple




My Name is Denton Lee and I’m Running for the NC House of Representatives in the 26th District.

I’m Politically Independent, Proudly Unaffiliated, and Almost Entirely Anti-Partisan.


**You’ll learn a lot about me here on my website, but one of my favorite parts of my campaign is my campaign video series.  I started these on August 24, and I’m posting a new video every Monday until Election Day.  You can find them on my campaign Facebook page HERE or my Youtube channel HERE.


Politicians make too many promises for things that can never actually happen.  I’d rather make promises about who I’ll be, not what I’ll do.  Here’s three unwavering promises:





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I Love Quotes.  This One Started This Journey. 

I’m your wife.  I’ll support you no matter what you want to do.”   – Megan Lee



What I Want Most for NC and for My Campaign 


My Cheerleaders




Important Stuff that Needed to be Front Page but Didn’t Have Another Home

The 2020 election will be one of the most important elections of our lifetimes.  I will joke around at times and I absolutely WILL have fun running for office, but I’m dead serious about how important this election will be.  In many ways, we need a revolution in what politics means in this country and how politicians fulfill their obligations to the people they represent. 

I’m tired of watching party loyalists on both sides defend and enable unacceptable behavior from politicians.  Why do people defend lies and corruption?  Why do they display such hate and disrespect across party lines?  Why do they defend the dismantling of the Constitution?  Why do we allow them to spew such propaganda borne from hate and fear and lies and blame and extreme exaggeration?  They enable their behavior by saying, “That’s just what you have to expect with politicians.”  No.  No it’s not.  If that’s the case, we need better people in politics.  And when that happens, the moral fabric of the entire country will strengthen.

And on that note, whoever it is that I run against for this position will have different reasons for running and I admire and respect their reasons for doing so.  My running for this office is not a criticism of the job that they have done or will do if elected.  I am simply running for this office for my own reasons, and I will never condemn their reasons for doing the same.  More than anything, it’s just something I feel led to do.  I hope you will find throughout this process that you have complete faith in calling me both a good candidate and a good man.  And if so, I hope you will consider voting for me.


A Short Disclaimer Before You Navigate the Site:


If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a LOT to read on this website.  Please don’t think I expect you to read it all.  That’s insanity.  If you want to read it all, great.  If not, read enough to figure out if you like me or not.  If you’re not sure if you like me, you have everything here to make an educated decision.  Plus, you have MONTHS to read it all if you so choose.